CZ-26 Czech Battle Pack

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Product Overview

Introducing our CZ-26 De-Mil’d parts kit, the perfect way to own a piece of history and add an affordable, military collectible to your arsenal. This kit includes all the receiver pieces and a mag pouch with 5 magazines, giving you everything you need to build your own CZ-26 submachine gun.

The bakelite pieces in this kit are beautiful and timeless, adding a touch of nostalgia to your collection. The CZ-26 has a storied history and was widely used by various militaries and Police units during the Cold War era. Now, you can own a piece of that history shared by over 25 nations

One exciting feature of this kit is the URG-86 INERT hand grenade included in the set. This training grenade was used by the Czech military to teach soldiers about grenade handling and safety, and is in NOS (New Old Stock) condition. With its unique design and functionality, the URG-86 adds an authentic touch to your collection and is sure to be a conversation starter among fellow collectors.

This true Czech military collectibles set is not only a valuable piece of history, but also an affordable addition to your collection. The trunnion is cut, making this kit an ideal choice for someone using a Semi Auto receiver. Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind opportunity to own a CZ-26 parts kit and URG-86 INERT hand grenade with all accessories. We hope you enjoy our Bowman Battle Pack!

As always we will modify your mags to meet your state requirements at ZERO charge.

*May be missing small parts or peices from de-mill. We will try our best to warranty any small part but cannot guarentee availability of small parts or pieces.*