Bowman Inert Collection

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We have another Bowman Inert Collection! We are pleased to bring you another true Inert collection all in one transit case. Whether you are a collector or a dealer looking for inventory, this is as good as it gets. Included in the collection are:



(1) 84mm AP round, a well-feared armor killer from Sweden. This projectile is fired from a Carl Gustaf 8.4 cm recoilless rifle. Some are green and aluminum and some are brass and grey. No section at this time. All units are packed and sealed. 


(1) Soviet 57mm Anti-Tank round fired by the AZP S-60, ZSU-57-2, ASU-57, ZiS-2.


(1) URG-86. Czech Grenade


(1) R69 Rifle Grenade ( will have small cracks in plastic tail. Still displays perfect) * see photos *


(1) Soviet F1 grenade (wax filled) Used Fuse included 


(1) Soviet RG42 Grenade (wax filled) Used Fuse Included 


(1) RP-43 Soviet Hand Grenade. These are Polish surplus trainers. 


(1) 30mm Soviet AP round right from the sealed tin!


(1) 60mm Mortar Round.


(1) Italian "Red Devil" Grenade





With this exclusive bundle, you can save 60% off the retail pricing when looking for inventory. Don't miss out on this limted stock deal to own a comprehensive inert collection, all housed in one convenient DP magazine transit case. Whether you're a collector or a dealer, this Bowman Inert Collection offers a fantastic opportunity to add unique and historic pieces to your collection or inventory at a significant discount. Get yours now and take advantage of this unbeatable savings! ONLY 21 UNITS IN STOCK. ONLY $20 SHIPPING