OG-15 Rocket (INERT)

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Product Overview

Introducing the OG-15, a rare and highly coveted Soviet-era training aid for the BMP-1 main gun, the 2a28 Grom. This factory-made inert display piece is perfect for collectors and military enthusiasts looking to add a unique and historical piece to their collection.

The 2a28 Grom is a 73mm main gun mounted on the BMP-1, a tracked infantry fighting vehicle used by the Soviet Army. The OG-15 allows you to get an up-close and detailed look at this impressive projectile, making it a must-have for any military enthusiast.

Not only is the OG-15 a fascinating piece of history, it is also a visually stunning display piece. Its sleek and sturdy design is sure to turn heads and spark conversations with friends and fellow collectors.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to own one of our coolest products. The OG-15 is a rare and highly sought-after item that is sure to impress and become a standout piece in any collection. Get yours today and experience the power of the BMP-1's 2a28 Grom main gun.