PPS-43 Battle Pack

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Introducing the PPS-43 Battle Pack from Bowman Armaments Group - We are thrilled to expand our Battle Pack line up to include this exceptional kit. With four magazines, a magazine pouch, a 9mm threaded barrel, and five inert 7.62x25 cartridges, this kit has everything you need to complete your PPS-43 collection.


For the past three years, our PPS-43 kits have been our most popular offering, and it's easy to see why. The quality of these parts kits is unmatched, and the Battle Pack takes it to the next level with the addition of the magazine pouch, threaded barrel, and 5 INERT cartridges in 7.62x25


However, our PPS-43 metal supply is quickly dwindling, and we don't expect these kits to last into the summer. We were told 3 years ago that Poland had zero left to sell us. It will be a sad day once they are gone. 


On the plus side here is your chance to secure your collection at a price never seen before. We promised we would slash industry prices for 2023 and we believe this is our best attempt to create an affordable kit for everyone.

*May be missing small parts or peices from de-mill. We will try our best to warranty any small part but cannot guarentee availability of small parts or pieces.*