M16A1 Parts Kit

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M16A1 parts kits! These are genuine Colt M16A1 parts kits in proper used condition, with plastic parts showing signs of wear and cracking. However, the metal parts are 100% serviceable. We have priced these kits against the M16A1 market to ensure savings when building an M16A1 from a kit versus purchasing complete. Buttstock plates, handguards, and complete barrel assemblies can be found on PSA's website for those seeking a blemish-free build.

These kits have been demilled BEYOND ATF SPEC. Each kit includes only the magwell section of the demilled receiver, ensuring that the full fire control group cavity and auto sear hole were scrapped in Europe to deny the possibility of full-auto restoration. In the name of history and appreciation, we find that this roll-marked section serves as a timeless reminder of the early M16 Colt Era and the US Military of the 1960s and 1970s.