In order to be eligible for a dealer account you must either be a FFL, C&R, Gun Show vendor or other persons deemed eligible for a dealer account with wholesale access. Dealer accounts have a discount on select items and also receive email offerings for wholesale offerings on “blocks” of product.

In the event there is no interest on these “blocks” they will be offered the following week to the general public in a general email. A purchase of one of these blocks automatically converts your account to a Dealer/ Wholesale account permanently. At Bowman we strongly believe in leaving a door open for those who wish to start or support their business with opportunities usually limited to a handful of large name retailers.


Make an account on our website
Email your Name and FFL, C&R or relevant information along with your stated request for a Dealer/wholesale account to sales@bowmanarms.com

After we receive your email and you create your account we can verify the information and switch the status of your account.

If you are a previous Bowman or Gallo Inc customer your account information has already been transferred but you will need to reset your password on your first time login for our new website. Follow the 'reset / forgot your password' link on the sign in page where you will receive an email to set your new password.

If you have never made an account please create one via the REGISTER option at the top of the home page next to the search bar.