PPSH-41 / M49/57 Stick Mag

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Product Overview

The PPSH-41 35 Round Stick Magazine is a surplus Soviet magazine from World War II that is sure to fascinate collectors and enthusiasts alike. Made from durable metal, these magazines have a character and history all their own, complete with unknown symbols that you'll want to research and learn more about.

But these magazines are more than just historical relics - they're also highly functional. They come in four slight variations, all of which are authentic Soviet World War II magazines, and are known for their reliability. In fact, many people prefer the stick magazine over the drum magazine for its superior performance.

Additionally, the PPSH-41 35 Round Stick Magazine is compatible with the Yugo M-49/57 SMG, making it a versatile and useful addition to any collection. So if you're looking to add some character and history to your collection, or just want a reliable magazine for your Yugo M-49/57 SMG, the PPSH-41 35 Round Stick Magazine is the perfect choice.