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Introducing the rare and highly coveted HCP-produced PPS-43 parts kit from 1947-1949. These kits include all the parts left from demill. The barrel has been destroyed per ATF specifications. The parts are easily identifiable by their encircled HCP logo and production date, as well as their crisp and uniform factory markings. The lower receiver of the HCP PPS-43 has the serial number stamped into the FCG area and an inspection stamp of a 2 inside a circle can be found on the back of the upper receiver and the guard protecting the mag release. It also has a unique style pin that holds the lower and upper together and a dull matte black/blue finish.

Only a few examples of the HCP PPS-43 are known to exist, with serial numbers ranging from A-xxxx to C-6217. These guns were produced as part of a test run to verify the function of the machines and tooling that would later be sent to other plants for mass production. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of military history with this rare and highly collectible PPS-43 parts kit.

*May be missing small parts or peices from de-mill. We will try our best to warranty any small part but cannot guarentee availability of small parts or pieces.*