1953-55 PPS-43 Parts Kit (53) LODZ

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1953-1955 made by the circle 53 plant in Poland. 

Introducing the Polish Soviet-era PPS-43 parts kit from Bowman Armaments Group - the perfect choice for collectors and enthusiasts of military history and firearms restoration. At Bowman Armaments Group, we are committed to bringing you the highest quality products, which is why we employ and contract the best weapons specialists in the world to de-mill our parts kits. These specialists are trained to follow all regulations and guidelines, ensuring that our products are demilled to ATF specifications. 


This authentic PPS-43 parts kit features torch cut receiver sections and a de-milled barrel, and includes all the internal components you need to repair or rebuild your PPS-43 submachine gun, except for the receiver.


If you're looking to add a PPS-43 parts kit to your collection, this is the kit for you. It is our most popular product, and for good reason. The PPS-43 has a rich history, having been developed and used by the Soviet military during World War II. Adding one of these kits to your collection is a great way to appreciate and understand the design and technology of this iconic design. 


Don't miss out on this opportunity to own a piece of military history. Purchase a Polish Soviet-era PPS-43 parts kit from Bowman Armaments Group today and start your journey into the fascinating world of parts kit collecting.

*May be missing small parts or peices from de-mill. We will try our best to warranty any small part but cannot guarentee availability of small parts or pieces.*